Visitor Amenities

Visitors facilities

Drinking water facility

Rest area / sit outs / visitor sheds at convenient locations

 First aid facility

 Wheel chairs for physically handicapped person




 Battery operated bus service

 Information centre

 Guide maps


The zoo has taken great pains to take care of the needs of the visitors. Vehicle parking is available for a fee. The zoo has provided toilets, drinking water, and rest areas at various points. While using these facilities, remember to keep them clean.

First aid and canteen facilities are available near the main gate. Anti-venom is also stocked to treat victims of snake bite. Wheel-chairs are available for physically handicapped visitors. Kiosks are available by the side of the lake. These serves as refreshment centres. For those who find walking strenuous, and electric vehicle is available which tours the major routes of the zoo. Enquire at the ticketing counter to book seats in this vehicle. The enclosures have been provided with well-researched, informative write-ups which contain useful information about the animals. Do not fail to read them.


The Biological park is open on all days of the week, except Monday, from 9 am to 5 pm. In winter, tickets are issued till 4 pm, and in summer till 4.30 pm.