The Aquarium named as “Ranchi Aquarium” is a freshwater one. This is the largest freshwater aquarium in the country as on today as claimed by the developer agency. The total area of its premises is 3300 square meter and the aquarium buildings covers 936 square meter. There are 58 fish tanks of different sizes and around 1500 beautiful and interesting fishes of nearly 120 species have been kept in these tanks for public exbit.

The fishes comprises of herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and scanvenger categories. Many fishes are exotic and have been procured by the developer agency through from Bankok, Malasia, & Singapore. The internal decoration has been done scientifically with sufficient information about fishes. The external decoration is eye catching with paintings, models. Fountains, and picturesque prototype of a beautiful water fall. There is a selfie point inside the aquarium.

In Nutshell, the aquarium is highly educative, entertaining, and awe inspiring!.