Animal Adoption

Adopt an Animal! Be Happy! Save Tax!

The BhagwanBirsa Biological Park is one of the top Zoos in the country, where the animals are kept in enclosures which closely resemble their natural surroundings.

The adoption program is a novel way to show your support and care for wild animals. By adopting your favorite animal, you will contribute towards their feed, veterinary care and welfare. Adopting an animal is a noble cause not only for you, but also for your near and dear ones.

Adoption makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries etc., and is always unique. For the period of adoption, You will be a valuable partner in Ranchi Zoo's efforts in ex situ wildlife conservation.

Therefore adoptions from wildlife lovers and conservationists, especially the organizations with CSR obligations are highly solicited.

Adoption Rates of Animals
SL. Animals Amount per Animal peryear(lac.)
01. Elephant 5.00
02. Tiger Adult 3.00
03. Tiger Cub 1.00
04. Lion Adult 3.00
05. Lion Cub 1.00
06. Hippo 2.00
07. Leopard 1.00
08. Sloth Bear / Himalayan Bear 1.00
09. Indian Gaur 1.00
10. Peacock 0.25
Adoption Rates of Animal Enclosures
SL. Enclosures Amount per Enclosure peryear(lac.)
01. Gharial Enclosure 3.00
02. Snake House 3.00
03. Round Aviary 2.00
04. Big Aviary 3.00
05. Pheasants Enclosure 3.00
06. Enclosures of Indian Fox/Jackal/ Hyaena/Porcupine/Chital/Sambar/ Black Buck/Lesser Cat/Giant Squirrel/Slow loris/Monkey/Langur/ Emu/Ostrich etc. 1.00

What you will get in Return.

1. You will get an Adoption Certificate issued by BhagwanBirsa Biological Park.
2. Donor's family will have free entry to the park.
3. Your name will be displayed at the enclosure of animal so that you can reach out to the lakhs of visitors.
4. Amount contributed under this is eligible for Income Tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act.
5. You will have an immense satisfaction of contributing to the noble cause of conservation of endangered wildlife.

Adopt For Love, Adopt For Life